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Why should your Maintenance Corporation (HOA)

contract with Neighborhood Resources?

How much revenue is missing from your operating budget?

Delinquent assessments cause higher assessments

for responsible homeowners.

No initial costs paid upfront for delinquent collections.

Neighborhood Resources has collected over $1.25 Million

for neighborhoods just like yours.

    Neighborhood board members do not want to confront their neighbors by trying to get them to pay their delinquent assessments.  Neighborhood Resources’ process relieves the burden of the billing of assessments and/or the collection of delinquent assessments on neighborhoods and their volunteers.  Our process strives to get your revenue in your account without the long delay of court action.  Most all Maintenance Declarations require delinquent homeowners to bear the costs of the collection of their delinquent assessments so there is no end cost to the maintenance corporation.  Knowing the limited financial resources of the neighborhoods, Neighborhood Resources offer our collection services with no initial costs paid upfront.  Most Neighborhood Resources delinquent collection fees are paid when collected from delinquent homeowner.

    The billing and collecting of assessments is the most time consuming and frustrating part of operating a maintenance corporation.  The ultimate goal is for all homeowners to pay their assessments on time every year, thus saving volunteers’ time, effort and frustration of collecting delinquent assessments. The burden of collecting assessments has frustrated and turned away many volunteers from community service.  By far the collection of assessments requires the most time and effort in the operation of a maintenance corporation.  Boards can be at a loss without the knowledge and experience of how to collect delinquent assessments.  Year after year, the same homeowners are delinquent and the amount owed just keeps increasing with no end in site. No matter what financial penalties are imposed, some homeowners will not pay until they are forced to honor their obligations to their neighborhood. 

    In a perfect world everyone would pay his or her bills, taxes and neighborhood maintenance assessments on time.  I’m sure you are aware that we do not live in a perfect world.  In fact, the paying of neighborhood maintenance assessments seems to be one of the lowest priorities for some homeowners.

    Having been President of Buena Vista Park Maintenance Corporation since June of 1998, I have been forced to learn about some homeowner’s priorities as far as paying their legally obligated maintenance assessments.  I have always felt that for an assessment to be fair, everyone must pay his or her share.  It is unfair for the responsible homeowners to pay higher assessments to cover the delinquent homeowners’ who refuse to meet their financial responsibility.  Not to mention, unpaid assessments places a strain on your budget with less funds to cover your expenses.

        Neighborhood Resources’ Experience Saves Your Time, Effort and Frustration with the delinquent homeowner paying the additional cost.

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